The Indonesian Professional Engineers Association, Known as PIPI, is an association of professionals, expert engineering workers or workers engaged in construction services in various sectors of the building, oil & gas, power plant, manufacturing and fabrication industries. PIPI was originally born or established from a meeting of the founders on the basis of the initiation of Ir. Raswari which was held in Jakarta. After holding various association formation meetings, an agreement was reached, PIPI invited experts from Bechtel Indonesia and employees of well-known contractors. and invites Ir. Hanofik and Ir. Made Zakir who intends to establish a professional association that aims to contribute to national and international development, especially in the development in the field of Construction Services. On March 16, 1994 with the Notary Deed DR.H.Muhammad Ridwan Indra Ahadian.
After that, the PIPI Association formed a management with several fields led by the Division Head including the fields of Civil/Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument & Control, Architecture, Piping, Corrosion & Metallurgy, Process, QAQC, Pipeline, Drilling, Pipe Stress Analysis, Control Documents, Planning & Scheduling, Welding and Fire Fighting. Seeing the contribution of PIPI, in 1995 the PIPI Association was given the opportunity to meet with Margaret Thacher in Jakarta and after a few months later attended a meeting with Prince Edward of England which was held by the British embassy.
In 1998 the PIPI Association was invited by the Ministry of Home Affairs as a participant in the Communication Forum between the Government and socio-political organizations and community organizations in the context of saving the nation. The PIPI Association was given a Certificate of Award on February 20, 1998 by the Ministry of Home Affairs. In 2014 to 2017 the PIPI Association was appointed to represent all engineering professional associations in Indonesia sitting at the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs to socialize the Southeast Asian Economic Community in Indonesia and make studies in the fields of Engineering & Services and Architecture. In 2015, the PIPI Association, the only technical professional association, was invited by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy to attend and provide input on the draft speech of Mr. Jokowi – President of the Republic of Indonesia for the G20 forum in Istanbul. In 2015, We held an international conference with keynote speakers Mr. SBY – President of the Republic of Indonesia for 10 years and Ir. RASWARI MM, attended by around 250 people from 21 countries including 16 Ambassadors of friendly countries.
Finally, in 2019 the PIPI Association created a representative in Doha – Qatar to build bilateral relations and seek to increase cooperation with Middle East, especially in the field of construction and engineering.